Bellmore PAL Travel &  NYCSL Club Rules

1. All coaches must submit ‘permission to start
new team’ request for any new team in advance of season start. For the fall
season letter must be in by May and for the spring season letter must be in by

2. All paperwork(team rosters, volunteer
disclosure forms, etc.) and money must be submitted to PAL before a team can be registered.

3. Teams must have Bellmore PAL uniform
previously approved by executive board with PAL emblem on uniform.

4. All players must get sufficient playing time.
Each player should play approx. 1/4 of game depending on number of players,

5. LIJSL & NY club. No playing up more than 1 age group.

6. PAL must be made aware of any problems with
parents, coaches, etc. Players can not be thrown off team during season without
PAL approval.

7. Proper chain of command must exist. Coaches
or trainers can’t go to school
districts, town fields, county, etc. requesting permits.

8. Players for U- 11 and younger teams must
reside in Bellmore or have come from the PAL program. A written request must be
provided and approved for anyone else not meeting this criteria to be

9. PAL must
be made aware of any injuries that occur.

10. PAL must
be made aware of any games or tournaments outside of our county.

11. No
fundraisers w/o PAL’s approval and no ads/pictures in
paper/articles/etc. without PAL’s permission.

Background checks must be done on all coaches and trainers by PAL. New teams must use Cosmos as trainers.

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sign name ______________________

print name _____________________

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